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Janelle Rettig for Johnson County Board of Supervisors

Team Teal at 4th of July Parades

I’m Janelle Rettig.   I’m currently serving on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors (2011-2014).

I work hard, listen, find common ground, and demand fiscal responsibility.  In addition to an efficient county government, I value human services, quality of life issues, protecting our environment, and building and maintaining good roads, bridges and trails.  I believe we must continually work on diversifying our economy, by investing in high quality economic development and value-added agriculture.

For almost 25 years, I have been active and involved in our County.  I’ve served on commissions at the city, county and state levels.  I’ve worked for state and federal government, for non-profits, owned my own business, and have volunteered for numerous local organizations.

I enjoy meeting many people and listening to everyone's ideas and thoughts.  Please contact me at any time to talk about Johnson County.   My cell phone is 319-330-0916.  (I text message, as well.)

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“Janelle amazes me.  She is forward-thinking, thoughtful, and willing to do whatever it takes to thoroughly understand an issue and make an informed decision.”                                                    
                                                 —  Carol Thompson


“Janelle is a hard worker, good questioner and listener.   She will do her homework and listen to all viewpoints.” 
                                                 — Senator Joe Bolkcom  (2010)


“Janelle is one of the most qualified individuals to ever run for Board of Supervisors.  I am excited about her serving on the board and believe she will provide both leadership and a vision for our county.”                                       
                                        —  Representative Mary Mascher (2010)


“Janelle is a champion for protecting the environment and a wise land use advocate.”                                                                                 — Jean-Lloyd-Jones  (2010)

To contact me:

Janelle Rettig
110 Shrader Rd.
Iowa City, IA  52245


Rettig for Supervisor


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